Papua New Guinea Renewable Energy

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The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) committed at the Pacific Energy Summit to support the Papua New Guinea government in achieving the country's renewable energy goals. GHD has been engaged by MFAT to provide the advisory and engineering services to implement the aid programme that seeks to:

  • Expand access to electricity for particularly remote communities and facilitate further improvement
  • Maintain the percentage of electricity sourced from renewable and sustainable energy sources
  • Implement effective community engagement to identify local community requirements, concerns and expectations
  • Develop an appropriate business model for ongoing operation and ownership

After comprehensive research and investigations, a long list was developed and presented to MFAT that included several types of renewable projects. Three provinces were selected for the detailed studies which provided more opportunities to meet the programme objectives; Central Province, Eastern Highlands and East Sepik.

The feasibility study and detailed design has been completed for the first tranche of the programme in East Sepik. Tranche 1 is a hybrid PV/Diesel system and will supply electricity to five villages: Ambunti, Malu, Avatip, and Kandinge- Nyaurange.

The system features a central PV farm to meet 70% of projected demand, a battery bank, back-up diesel generators with the capacity to provide all of the load during extended periods of minimal solar radiation and 10 km of HV network to take the power to the outer extremes of the villages. The system will provide affordable, reliable and clean energy to more than 1000 households.

Climate Change


GHD’s approach is to deliver integrated services in the key areas of hazards assessment, mitigation, adaptation, energy efficiency and trading and carbon offsets. Our teams work with organisations to identify and understand both the strategic risk and opportunity presented by possible long-term global impacts.

We understand the importance of taking early action and positioning organisations to manage and respond to potential future changes in climate. Our people, made up of engineers, applied scientists, risk professionals, modellers, economists and social strategists deliver comprehensive climate risk, energy and greenhouse gas management services to enable efficient and sustainable business practices.

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Natural Resources


Our scientists, ecologists, analysts and resource economists design robust, cost effective and scientifically based natural resource management (NRM) solutions. We work with water authorities, local government, land management agencies, planning authorities, legal firms, urban developers, NRM and agri-businesses, traditional owners corporations, and companies planning infrastructure projects (such as dams, irrigation, agricultural enterprises, wind farms, and mining and energy provision). We’re known for our practical, solution-based approach to ecologically sustainable development.

By working with GHD, you can draw on our skill in ecological, natural resource and agricultural impact assessment, restoration, biosecurity and landscape planning, resource economic analysis, constraints mapping and geographic spatial analysis and community engagement, and capacity building to deliver practical and value-added management outcomes.

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Renewable Energy


GHD provides integrated services to clients seeking an innovative approach to developing and managing renewable energy projects and assets.


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Stakeholder Engagement & Social Sustainability