Qatar Flood Study

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GHD was engaged by the Qatar Ministry of Municipalities and Environment (MME) to undertake a comprehensive flood study of the entire country of Qatar.

Key outputs from the study included detailed flood inundation mapping of flood levels, depths, velocities and flood hazard at a high resolution, and recommendations on the incorporation of flood risk into strategic land use planning.

The project also developed an interactive web-based digital mapping portal capable of illustrating the degree of flood risk experienced in any part of the country.

The flood model included representation of building footprints, fences/walls, key hydraulic structures and the existing stormwater network.

The model was validated against recent flood events and was then used to assess design flood event scenarios ranging in magnitude from the 1 year Average Recurrence Interval to the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) event.

A detailed sensitivity analysis was undertaken as part of the project to assess the uncertainty associated with design rainfall intensities, spatial and temporal rainfall patterns, soil parameters and sea level conditions.

The project also considered climate scenarios for 2050 and 2100,to assess the impact of increased rainfall intensities and sea level rise on the existing flood regime.

Climate Change


GHD’s approach is to deliver integrated services in the key areas of hazards assessment, mitigation, adaptation, energy efficiency and trading and carbon offsets. Our teams work with organisations to identify and understand both the strategic risk and opportunity presented by possible long-term global impacts.

We understand the importance of taking early action and positioning organisations to manage and respond to potential future changes in climate. Our people, made up of engineers, applied scientists, risk professionals, modellers, economists and social strategists deliver comprehensive climate risk, energy and greenhouse gas management services to enable efficient and sustainable business practices.

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Waterways & Coastal


Today, GHD has one of Australia’s largest groups of dedicated water management professionals. We provide leading technical support for the study and management of all forms of waterways, including rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal areas.

GHD’s Waterways & Coastal offering service line covers background and baseline studies, strategic and planning studies, and impact assessments. We can work with you on all stages of the feasibility and design process through to the supervision of construction projects with respect to waterways and developments affecting waterways.

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