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Chilean pier to shine once more

In 2011, the Chilean Ministry of Public Works engaged GHD to carry out several studies to assess the conditions of the facilities of the Vergara Pier in Viña del Mar (a famous Chilean resort city) and provide alternatives for restoring and rehabilitating this tourist attraction.

As part of the project, GHD delivered a range of services including: the study of the pier's condition, a proposal to repair the foundations, the complete restitution of the metal structure and restoration of the existing crane.

We also provided the architectural design of the walkway area on the pier and designed a set of platforms at a different height (as can be seen above) for recreational fishing purposes with an access ramp, viewpoints, banks and lighting.

The studies and alternatives developed by our team took into account the unique heritage characteristics of this pier.

Paula Arias, GHD's Project Director, explains, "The iconic pier has been closed for many years due to severe deterioration, and the approval of the restoration project had been delayed many times due to funding restrictions or the lack of an effective restoration plan.

"This situation has changed now that the Program for the Improvement of the Waterfront (of the Chilean Ministry of Public Works) has allocated resources for this purpose.

"In addition, there is an architectural and rehabilitation plan that has been agreed on by the city authorities." The Directorate of Public Works is currently assessing bids for the construction of the pier.



Our integrated network engages in a vast array of projects at all scales, linking multiple disciplines to provide design solutions to private, commercial, community and government groups.

Our architects bring to bear a design management approach that analyses and synthesises constraints and opportunities to realise new possibility. Our work integrates multiple stakeholders and complex interrelationships. A global network of designers, planners and engineers share the technical knowledge and resources to bring momentum to your projects. Drawing on our richness of skill, your design takes on a sustainable, powerful, strategic and commercial role. You can expect an integrated built outcome that is technically competent, elegantly resolved, meets current standards and exceeds your expectations.

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Asset & Facilities Management


For more than 30 years, GHD’s asset management professionals have played a leading role in developing improved working practices for utility, transport and infrastructure stakeholders.  We work closely with you to deliver the finest practice management solutions.   

Our service offering revolves around 5 key areas of infrastructure management:

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Property & Buildings


The continued development and regeneration of our communities requires sophisticated planning, design and growth management approaches.

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Resources & Industrial Facilities


In the industrial world, it is not enough to design facilities that are visually pleasing. First, industrial facilities must be functional. That is why GHD integrates architecture, process, and building design and engineering. This teaming assists in coordinating the crucial interfaces between the process equipment, the building layout, the structure and the building services to accommodate plant installations, building fabric and operational efficiencies.

We work with clients to maximise quality outcomes (on time and on budget), decrease lost production time, increase capacity to meet operational objectives, and take into account user and community needs. GHD has worked on building or upgrading facilities or operational plant and workshops in manufacturing, vehicle parking and servicing, stores, warehouses, cool stores, distribution, food, pharmaceuticals, production lines, petroleum and gas production, laboratories, abattoirs and commercial laundries. We can also assist with industry land use planning, and industrial parks and free zones.

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Transport Facilities


Our services cover the following:

  • Traffic engineering
  • Transport planning
  • Road, rail and aviation planning
  • Coastal and marine planning
  • Transport terminals
  • Integrated transport systems
  • Public transport strategies
  • Cyclist and pedestrian planning
  • Carpark planning and design
  • Transport economics

These services support feasibility and infrastructure planning and design works for urban developments, roads and highways, pedestrian, cycling, public transport infrastructure, water and air borne transport systems.

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