Shading system to slash energy use by 30%

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A unique shading system that shields the sun whilst allowing daylight penetration has the potential to radically cut air-conditioning and lighting use in buildings.

In hot countries, keeping offices cool and well lit can consume up to 70 percent of the total power use of a building. Using air-conditioning in isolation to cool a building is both costly and environmentally unsustainable.

GHD's idea is an external shading system that shields the sun while allowing daylight penetration. It sits like a skin on the outside of the building, moving around on tracks to follow the sun’s path throughout the day. Made from a lightweight frame with incorporated photovoltaic cells, the sunshield:

  • Produces enough energy to power the movement of the shade and reduce the energy required to light and cool the building by 30 percent
  • Provides up to 10 percent of the building’s remaining power needs
  • Is made from a simple and cost effective series of modular panels, which can be removed individually without compromising the whole system and
  • Incorporates a guide rail at each floor level to provide both structural support and access for cleaning and maintenance

Originally developed in Doha, specialists in Melbourne and Perth have since collaborated to hone and test the concept.

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