South East Halswell Wastewater Scheme

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The South East Halswell Wastewater Scheme in Christchurch extends the wastewater system in Halswell to allow land to be developed for residential and retail purposes. The scheme will allow more than 5,000 houses to be connected. The project will also enable the diversion of wastewater away from an existing wastewater catchment, which currently experiences wet weather capacity problems.

Christchurch City Council has engaged GHD since 2015 to provide design consultation services for the project, over the three stages of preliminary design and consenting, detailed design and tendering, and construction.

The $10 million scheme includes a new pump station with a design flow of 130 l/s, upgrades to an existing pump station, and 6.3 km of pressure mains ranging in size from 180 mm to 400 mm diameter. The new housing developments will connect to pressure main using a local pressure sewer system where each house has a small tank and pump. This will be a smart system, allowing the council to control individual pumps remotely.

Project challenges have included difficult ground conditions while working within a flood management area, with high ground water levels. Construction is due for completion early 2018.

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