Takanini Stormwater Channel

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The Takanini Cascades project aims to deliver stormwater servicing to a 164 hectare catchment in South Auckland, allowing the reduction of a significant floodplain and facilitating development of the land.

The stormwater conveyance corridor varies from 20 - 50m in width and includes:

  • A series of open water bodies / wetlands maintained by weirs
  • Riparian planting alongside channel with specimen trees throughout the corridor
  • Shared paths, boardwalks and play areas along the corridor
  • High level pedestrian bridges / crossings
  • Trafficable culvert crossings
  • In-ground slurry wall for groundwater control
  • Specific erosion and scour protection design measures

GHD provided the technical inputs (civil, hydraulic, geotechnical, hydrogeological and structural) throughout the design of the Takanini Cascades project. This included optioneering, concept design, scheme design and detailed design for a 2.3 km long, open stormwater conveyance corridor through a flat catchment dominated by peat soils and high groundwater levels.

GHD is proud to be involved in this project which delivers the following key benefits to the client and the community:

  • A green corridor for the community for use in cycling, walking and community interaction
  • Cultural involvement and support from local groups
  • Long-term cost savings for the client in relation to other options and specific design decisions
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to a complex environment and respond to adjacent development affecting the design
  • Ecological values to the area



As the world’s population grows and our standards of living improve so does our need to manage the water in our environment. We need to maximise its application for human well-being and minimise impact on the environment. GHD engineers, scientists and planners can provide sustainable, cost-effective and innovative water solutions.  We assist water utilities and others who provide water services to optimise infrastructure and adapt to environmental changes in ways that balance the needs of our communities. And we enable clients to meet compliance, improve profitability and maintain their commitment to sustainability.

GHD continually expands the boundaries by engaging in research, enhancing existing systems and strategies, evaluating new procedures and transferring technology from other industries into the water industry. We work with our clients through all project stages planning, investigation, design, delivery, operation and renewal.

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