Tanderrum Bridge

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The Tanderrum Bridge is a pedestrian bridge connecting the Melbourne & Olympic Park, home of the Australian Open, to Birrarung Marr and the Melbourne CBD. This new bridge allows pedestrians to move safely and quickly from the CBD and Flinders Street Station to the event areas.

The bridge extends from Birrarung Marr, over Batman Avenue and into Melbourne Park, over a total length of approximately 300 m and a width of 8 m (7.5 m clear width from handrail to handrail).

The project also included an elevated concourse area with office and ancillary spaces below and surrounding civil works within the Melbourne Park precinct.

The design of the bridge commenced in September 2014 with John Wardle Architects, NADAAA and OCULUS as the joint architects, and GHD as structural, civil and services engineers. MPV managed the project, with key stakeholders including Melbourne & Olympic Park Trust, Tennis Australia and City of Melbourne. The bridge was opened in January 2017.

The objective of the project was to create a bridge that would complement the landscape as well as create a new feature for the area. The functional design brief from Major Projects Victoria (MPV) required a bridge that could span over Batman Avenue without a central support, and required a 7.5m clear width for peak pedestrian movements during the Australian Open and other Melbourne Park events. A key design parameter was that ‘a two‐way appreciation should be proposed that allows for appreciation of the landscape from the bridge and appreciation of the bridge from the landscape.’

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The structural form of the bridge deck that was developed in response to the brief consisted of an 1100 mm deep steel box girder with an in situ concrete deck. Features of this solution included locating the superstructure below the deck to improve sightlines for pedestrians on the bridge, while providing a sufficiently shallow structural depth that achieved the vertical clearance and stiffness required. The solution also aligned with the existing landscape allowing complexity in architectural form to be created via the filigree and balustrade.

The design team worked closely through all phases of the project sharing BIM (Revit) models to ensure a co-ordinated solution across all disciplines. The outcome is a bridge structure design that overcomes the challenges with bridge alignment, construction staging and dynamic response under pedestrian loading.



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