Three Delta Towns Water Supply

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Over 282,000 people in the townships of Bac Lieu, Ha Tien and Sa Dec, now have direct access to piped clean water and sanitation facilities through a joint initiative of the Vietnamese and Australian Governments.

These three towns were given priority because of rapidly deteriorating environmental health conditions, a growing demand for clean water supply and appropriate sanitation and the potential for economic growth. The new water systems in all three towns are now operational and will progressively expand to meet the demands of a growing population.

GHD has recently completed the 7-year program which delivered against the ambitious project goal of safeguarding the future welfare of communities along the Mekong Delta. The project’s focus was upon infrastructure provision, strengthening of local institutions and developing the health and welfare of communities. Infrastructure works associated with water supply, drainage, wastewater and solid waste management facilities were undertaken resulting in improved and expanded facilities. The institutional strengthening component provided training and equipment thereby strengthening the capacity of local water supply and environment companies to operate and maintain the new works. These efforts were combined with community development initiatives to increase awareness of water, sanitation and health linkages, and the importance of good sanitation practices for living conditions and overall health of the community.

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