Townsville Marine Precinct

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Inner city residential expansion and the desire to improve current marine facilities, both environmentally and structurally, led the Port of Townsville to embark on the concept of a new marine precinct.

The precinct, which was opened in 2011, features a marina at the mouth of Townsville's Ross River and will consolidates a large portion of the city’s marine industry into one central location. It provides modern facilities to support boat building and maintenance including berths for various vessels, refuelling facilities, commercial and recreational businesses and cold storage and distribution facilities for the seafood industry.

GHD was initially commissioned to provide an extensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the precinct plan which included a multi-use facility and required extensive investigation of both offshore and onshore elements.

"Key considerations in our planning were individual proponents’ requirements for effective work spaces, impacts on coastal processes, sediment transport down the river and within the bay, vessel navigability and the sensitive environments surrounding the port,” explains Brian Heggie, GHD’s Project Director.

"As part of this project, we delivered a range of services including historical data reviews, construction and infrastructure information, marine and terrestrial field investigation, hydrodynamic and sediment transport investigations, public consultation and project management services."

In 2010, GHD began to bring the concept to life through detailed design and documentation works for Laing O’Rourke, who was commissioned as a sub-alliance partner with the Port of Townsville in the Townsville Marine Precinct Alliance. The project has evolved into a development featuring six wharfs, 450 linear metres of walling, the dredging of the harbour and reclamation and ground improvement of 11.25 hectares, development of pavement, civil works, drainage and site services and building concepts.

Brian continues, "The precinct has allowed Townsville businesses that were previously operating further upstream to move into purpose-built premises."



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