Transport for London Corporate Gate Reviews

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To date GHD has undertaken over 50 independent 'External Expert' corporate gate reviews for Transport for London (TfL), helping the client determine if its programmes and projects are deliverable, affordable and provide value for money. The projects and programmes assessed range in scope from civil and station upgrade works, information management systems upgrades, passenger ticketing systems upgrades to the introduction of new train control systems.

Each review scrutinizes the project or programme to determine whether TfL should commence or continue with it and to identify key corrective actions. Applying GHD’s business transformation and project management skills, each review considers whether the project or programme is:

  • Deliverable – is it likely to deliver expected benefits within the declared cost / time / performance constraints?
    Affordable – is the level of expenditure and financial risk involved acceptable in light of TfL’s overall financial position when set against other priorities?
    Value for money – does it provide the optimum combination of 'whole life' cost and quality to meet users’ requirements?


In undertaking the reviews, we consider issues such as:

  • Alignment with the strategic aims and objectives
  • Approach to governance and stakeholders
  • Availability of funding and resources
  • Deliverability issues, such as procurement and commercial; legal and consents; engineering / technical complexity; business impact and criticality
  • Quality of project and programme management.