Travelling Stacker No. 4 (TS4) Relocation to Overburden Dump within the Mine Pit

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AGL Loy Yang required the relocation of travelling stacker no. 4 (TS4) into the mine pit and engaged GHD to provide geotechnical support.

TS4 is a 2100 tonne machine used to dump waste overburden, coal and inter-seam material from coal winning operations. TS4 was required to travel approximately 15 km from the grass-level overburden dump and into the brown coal mine pit to commence the internal overburden dump.

The key challenge for the transfer process was variable ground conditions along the travel path, including undulating grass paddocks, creek and drainage line crossings, a major highway crossing, travel over thick uncontrolled fill and travel down in-situ material and fill ramps within the mine pit.

GHD’s team of geotechnical specialists provided:

  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Soil laboratory analysis
  • 2D stability analysis of brown coal mine batters and uncontrolled fill areas
  • Defect mapping
  • Kinematic stability analysis
  • The main challenges were travel on ramps constructed from fill material and inadequate ground bearing capacity of uncontrolled saturated fill materials. GHD addressed these issues by undertaking stability analysis and design of the fill ramps, including construction quality control and validation testing, and design of a suitable working platform (utilising geogrid reinforcement) for TS4 to travel over the saturated uncontrolled fill areas.

    The successful project outcome demonstrated GHD’s commitment to technical excellence and working with AGL Loy Yang to find solutions to the project challenges.



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