Water Asset Identification

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West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority in Victoria, Australia engaged GHD to undertake the Water Asset Identification Project (WAIP) to develop a state-wide dataset of water assets, and provide a strategic level view of their vulnerability to the potential impacts of coal mining and coal seam gas (CSG) development.

The challenge was combining a spatial data creation project with natural resource focused team in a short fixed timeframe with multiple stakeholders from differing levels of government. To achieve this, GHD’s multidisciplinary team used existing authoritative data, which were enhanced and reviewed through stakeholder engagement.

More than 60,000 water assets were mapped, analysed, attributed and stored in Water Asset Identification Tool (WAIT) Microsoft Access database. Based on data stored in WAIT, a vulnerability assessment provided a spatial representation of the relative sensitivity of the water assets across Victoria to the potential impacts of CSG or coal mining development.

The dataset will provide input to the Bioregional Assessment Programme which is managed by the Commonwealth Department of the Environment.



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