World's Quietest Truck

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Mt Arthur Coal mine is a large open-cut mine in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

To meet the most stringent noise limits for mining operations, GHD was commissioned by WesTrac (Caterpillar dealers for NSW/ACT and WA) to acoustically attenuate three Caterpillar 789C off-highway trucks.

On assessment of noise sources emitted by the engine, fan, transmission and differential of the truck, GHD engineered a unique solution involving advanced acoustic modelling and materials research.

The treatment resulted in an overall static sound power level of 106dB(A) and a dynamic sound power level of 110dB(A) making the trucks the quietest Caterpillar 789C trucks in the world. These significant results are equivalent to 20 modified trucks running at full power, with the sound impact of just one untreated truck.

GHD also designed a cooling system into the attenuation package to maintain Caterpillar’s optimum operating temperatures, even during the adverse conditions experienced in the harsh environment of earth moving.

Comprehensive reassessments of the truck reported that acoustic performance had not deteriorated.

Impact Assessment & Permitting


GHD provides holistic, integrated solutions for managing impact assessment and approvals. Our environmental and community planners, engineers and scientists work with you to understand your needs from concept phase through to decommissioning.

From the start of a project, we consider environmental and social factors to help you minimise potential impacts of a project, reduce approvals timeframes and compliance costs and increase community engagement and acceptance.

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Mining Engineering


By engaging GHD, you’ll understand both the business and technical issues involved in delivering optimum project outcomes. The mining industry is a continually changing, competitive environment and together we can develop flexible, innovative solutions.

GHD systems synthesise the geological, mine planning, plant selection, mine infrastructure, tailings and environmental management, operational requirements and financial aspects of mining to address the many conflicting objectives in mine development.

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