Land Development and Urban Planning

Sustainable development of our urban, regional, rural and remote communities requires an integrated planning approach, considering all potential benefits and impacts.
GHD residential development project
An understanding and appreciation of the local and broader social, economic and environmental factors is important for creating long-lasting value.
An understanding and appreciation of the local and broader social, economic and environmental factors is important for creating long-lasting value.

GHD's connected global network of professionals in urban planning and land development assists clients to understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in any project, large or small, regardless of where it is located.

We apply imaginative thinking, technical leadership and a teamwork-based approach to partner with our clients to deliver the best outcomes for their projects, to provide lasting benefits to local communities and the broader ecosystem.

Land development

GHD land development project in Buluk Park
The growth and regeneration of our cities and regions requires sophisticated management, planning, design, engineering and scientific approaches. Value creation and practical solutions that include an appreciation of integration, commerciality and sustainability are the ultimate goal.

Whether the project is a small, local undertaking or a mega-project, GHD can provide a full suite of services, from assistance with urban policy and governance to the successful delivery and operation of built outcomes.

The planning, design and construction phases of land development projects can create unique challenges requiring considered responses. Our multi-disciplinary teams draw on resources from across the GHD connected global network of talented professionals, to provide rapid, cost-effective solutions.

Our people are locally-based and connected to their communities. These connections enhance our engagements with stakeholders and authorities and allow us to manage developments through the various phases of a land development project, to provide lasting community benefit.

Urban planning

GHD urban planning structure plan

Great urban settings are diverse and well balanced in terms of physical fabric, public realm and human behaviour, providing a rich tapestry of experiences that evolve over time.

GHD is well equipped to tackle the challenges associated with the complexity of urban renewal and urban development projects. We strive to achieve a sustainable balance between the environment, the community and the demands of the built environment.

Our urban planning projects are products of a multidisciplinary skillset and a collaborative approach to problem-solving. We understand the significance of incorporating issues that are important to a range of stakeholders, as well as finding integrated solutions. Collaboration across our many built environment disciplines adds value to our clients' prosperity.

Many of our team members have local and state government experience, allowing us to understand and negotiate the practical and political aspects of urban planning. Our approach to urban development often includes the facilitation of community and industry workshops. This method ensures that all available opportunities are examined through cooperative engagement with key stakeholders.

Whether providing creative input at the beginning of a project or providing detailed documentation towards final construction, GHD has extensive experience in all scales of urban planning and development projects, from small suburban studies to international city development, and can work together with clients to create lasting community benefit.