Transform – Tomorrow’s thinking, today: Episode 1

The generative wave – How AI is transforming businesses of tomorrow
Author: Kumar Parakala
GHD Digital podcast series Transform
The generative wave – How AI is transforming businesses of tomorrow

Transform is a podcast that explores the cutting-edge developments and breakthroughs that are reshaping our world.

In season one, host Kumar Parakala interviews experts and visionaries from around the globe on how these technologies and innovations are creating new opportunities, challenges, and solutions for our lives, communities and businesses.


About this episode

With lightning speed, AI has shaken the foundations of how we use technology. So what opportunities are there for business, what are the dangers, and how can we avoid them?

In this first episode, host Kumar Parakala, President of GHD Digital, talks with Dr. Maria Singson, VP of APAC Customer Success at IBM and Grant Stewart, GHD Digital’s Southern Hemisphere Practice Director – Digital Intelligence.

In this episode, our guests unpack the importance of:

  • Informing and empowering senior leaders and the C-suite
  • Ethical and social implications, such as trust, integrity, and responsibility
  • Being nimble and agile while having a clear and cohesive strategy and vision
  • Designing with appropriate governance, policy, architecture, and a skilled talent pool

Episodes are released monthly, so stay tuned as we explore the pervasive ways innovation and digital transformation are reshaping our world and future-proofing communities.