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The line between physical and virtual is blurring. Technologies such as automation, cloud computing, digital twins, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the metaverse are changing how we manage assets and operate our businesses.

We apply technology to help you execute your digital strategy, achieve operational excellence, and support business transformation through enhanced digital customer experiences. Our teams help you automate operations, connect environments, manage and secure digital assets, and create immersive and extended reality experiences.

We apply technology to help you execute your digital strategy, achieve operational excellence, and support business transformation through enhanced digital customer experiences.

Advanced security and communication systems

Mainframe computers

Many organisations face the urgent need to update their technology infrastructure. And with the availability of new private 5G networks, your business can be more securely connected than ever before.

We are specialists in broadband communications, secure network architecture design, and infrastructure technology platforms. Combining deep technical know-how with essential, detailed knowledge of current and emerging security, IT, audio visual, communications, and intelligent building management technologies, we ensure your operation systems are seamlessly effective.

Advanced industrial and process automation

Smart industrial control system

Industrial equipment and systems must operate repeatedly and reliably 24 hours a day — 365 days a year. Our advanced automation group has the expertise to design, build, deploy, and troubleshoot industrial automation systems to ensure your operations work consistently and efficiently.

We design and incorporate various platforms and solutions across businesses. Providing end-to-end enterprise automation systems and bringing about the convergence of processes for greater enterprise efficiency and productivity. With our deep knowledge of cybersecurity, we ensure these systems are secure and protected from threats and vulnerabilities.

Connected infrastructure and smart places

aerial view of a green buildings in a city

Supported by a rapidly deployed wireless network of sensors and real-time analytics, we provide virtual oversight of people, assets, and work, across multiple locations and projects. Through smart technology that delivers data to a connected site, we offer real-time insights to enhance operational performance, improve safety and reduce operating costs.

And when it comes to cities, we help government officials re-invent themselves as adaptable places that provide enhanced services to their communities using innovative technologies. The tangible results are sustained economic recovery for citizens at a faster speed and lower cost, while making the city more adaptable and resilient to any potential economic future shocks.

Digital engineering and information management

digital engineer discussing project model

Digital engineering (DE) enables more productive methods of planning, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining assets throughout their lifecycle. DE is more than just a design tool; it is a collaborative way of working, enabled by coordinated information management to improve decision-making and create efficiencies and certainty throughout the asset lifecycle.

Drawing on more than 90 years of insights and experience in engineering, combined with the latest developments in digital technology, we can help you confidently accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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Digital risk and cybersecurity

cybersecurity framework and digital security

We protect organisations, their critical systems, and sensitive information from cyber attacks. By assessing, improving and managing your virtual environment, we deploy industry-leading cybersecurity practices through our people, process and technical controls.

Our Cyber Risk Centre of Excellence (CoE) combines our consulting services, technology partners and industry specialists to offer pragmatic capabilities and solutions. We embed Security by Design principles to provide a structured framework for identifying, prioritising, and managing required security controls. Our teams build frameworks with a target security operating model in mind with appropriate governance, aligned to industry frameworks and automated tools and templates to manage current and future activities.

Digital twin

virtual meeting

A digital twin allows you to increase situation awareness, ensuring you can more efficiently understand and solve physical issues. Additionally, you can predict outcomes to a higher degree of precision while optimising performance and, ultimately, increasing business value. Our tailored approach helps you discover and define critical business processes to better replicate your assets.

From simple assets to complex infrastructure networks, our approach to digital twins breaks the barriers between the virtual and physical worlds. We work across the entire project and asset lifecycle from conception to retirement, providing significant financial and operational benefits.

Intelligent automation and robotic process automation

robotic process automation

The pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation. However, human limitations combined with remote work challenges mean people cannot work any harder. Our ways of working and processes must change to help people work smarter. By performing process tasks more quickly, accurately, and tirelessly, intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA) can unleash productivity gains and help clients operate amidst increasing uncertainty and ambiguity.

Often referred to as ‘digital workers,’ RPA helps your organisation focus on tasks requiring higher human skills such as emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgment, and interaction with the customer. Since the digital workers can operate 24/7, turnaround time reductions of up to 60 to 80 percent are common.

Immersive digital solutions

man wearing virtual reality glasses

We create and deliver accurate, high-quality and engaging visualisation content, tools and digital experiences. Using the latest visualisation techniques to help bring your project to life — from planning through design, delivery and operation.

We use various forms of digital data from multidisciplinary areas, including spatial, digital engineering, and other extensive data sources, to create accurate 3D models for our clients. These models enable engaging, immersive digital experiences.

Digital engagement

digital tools in inclusive workspace

Effective outreach and accessible online tools and content are critical to successful stakeholder communication and engagement.

We provide a suite of easy-to-use and accessible tools to support stakeholder engagement and communication requirements. These assets help communicate details and capture feedback on proposed changes, challenges, benefits, impacts and the disruptions associated with the planning, design and delivery of projects or significant community and stakeholder changes. These assets are vital to achieving stakeholder acceptance and buy-in.