Security and Communication Systems

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the types of information we need, how we communicate, the security of data, and technology as an enabler, is of paramount importance.
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Understanding the issues, ensuring the right systems are in place and managing the risks and impacts are integral to effective communications.
Understanding the issues, ensuring the right systems are in place and managing the risks and impacts are integral to effective communications.
GHD has the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience across our connected global network of professionals, to assist clients to meet the challenges and find effective solutions to project challenges, regardless of size or location.

Communication Systems


Communication systems are more than cables, switches and networks. Communication solutions can therefore be complex and challenging for stakeholders, due to the wide variety of technology, constraints and standards.

GHD provides communication systems consultancy services to commercial, industrial, utilities and government clients by bringing together teams from across our network of connected global communication systems professionals.

GHD's communication system professionals have knowledge and experience in:

  • Office voice and data systems
  • Power and water industry SCADA systems
  • Voice and data radio networks
  • Backbone communications networks and links
  • Industrial process control and monitoring networks
  • Specialist systems for airfield and navaids
  • Transportation
  • Security, surveillance and building services
  • Security classified requirements
  • Mobile, cable and satellite telecommunications
  • Design and documentation for network integration
  • EPCM services
  • Electromagnetic energy (EME) radiation assessment
  • Independent technical assessment
  • Civil, electrical and structural design
  • GIS applications and database development
  • Project management

We are leaders in communication systems, and provide the right team to find solutions to client challenges for the best project outcomes.


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Security is more than just locks, guards and cameras. Security solutions can be complex and challenging due to the wide variety of constraints and standards that need to be considered and met for an effective security solution.

GHD provides security consultancy services to both private and public sectors across the globe through our connected global network of talented security professionals.

GHD Security Services

GHD develops relationships with our clients to understand their challenges and find solutions to provide sustainable security to meet current and future needs.

Security and Risk Management

  • Business continuity management
  • Security master planning
  • Threat, risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Site-specific security risk assessments and auditing
  • Security management benchmarking and gap analysis
  • Security management process review and implementation
  • Security due diligence
  • Security project management
  • Management of security maintenance contracts
  • Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)

Security Technology - Electronic

  • Integrated security design services
  • Design of SCEC approved and commercial security alarm systems
  • Design of electronic access control systems
  • Design of CCTV systems
  • Biometric interfacing
  • Fence detection systems
  • Security system audit, review and assessment
  • Information technology security solutions to support the business objectives

Security Technology - Physical

  • Architectural design for security
  • Design and documentation of high-security facilities
  • Blast impact modelling and design for blast resistance
  • Facility hardening
  • Design of security barriers

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