Security and Communication Systems

Delivering resilient and cyber-secure communications systems and networks, supported by physical security measures to protect your sensitive infrastructure.
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Helping you stay connected and safe in an ever-evolving threat environment.
Helping you stay connected and safe in an ever-evolving threat environment.

As enterprises become more connected daily with new devices, applications, cloud computing, remote users, and other data streams, the need for security increases. Adapting quickly to technological advances and emerging threats is crucial to ensure compliance and continued operations without disruptions from malicious actors.

Understanding these complex issues, ensuring the right systems are in place and managing the risks and impacts are integral to effective communications and securing data safety.

We will work with you to consider all facets of your security posture and mitigate your risk through compliant physical, electronic and cyber systems supported by highly resilient ICT infrastructure solutions.

GHD’s global network of security and ICT professionals operate across a wide variety of market sectors, bringing a breadth of knowledge and experience to assist you in meeting the challenges and finding practical solutions to the difficulties you might encounter.

Resilient communication and ICT solutions


We are specialists in broadband communications, secure network architecture design, and infrastructure technology platforms. Combining deep technical know-how with essential, detailed knowledge of current and emerging security, ICT, audio visual, communications, and intelligent building management technologies, we ensure your operational systems are seamlessly effective.

We take a strategic approach to communication systems by delivering a “application-first” solution, which is technically compatible, robust and cost-effective to meet your current and future needs.


Our team delivers ICT solutions including:

Internal networks

We implement best-practice structured cabling and active networking solutions to support your building needs including office voice and data, building management systems, audio visual, Wi-Fi and building security applications. We can adapt our topologies to varying levels of separation and convergence to meet your business and security needs.

External infrastructure

We work with our clients to determine the most suitable technology solution to transport their data, whether that is fibre bachaul, point-to-point microwave or next generation mobile or satellite solutions. Our team have the experience to design and document the infrastructure required, such as conduits, pits or external enclosures to support the right network technology for your needs.

Safe and functional systems

Our team can design highly resilient radio solutions for critical applications, including the safety infrastructure, such as towers, barriers or electromagnetic interference (EMI) assessments to ensure you meet your obligations to public safety.

Multi-faceted security solutions

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We develop relationships with our clients to understand their challenges and find sustainable security solutions to meet current and future needs.

Our wide ranging security skillset allows us to consider and help you address the whole gamut of security concerns, including compliance, risk, physical and cyber challenges.

Our mutli-faceted security approach considers:

Risk Management

We anaylse and understand your business and the threats you face that could impact business continuity. Our detailed risk analysis process will benchmark, find gaps and provide actionable solutions to improve your security posture.

Policy and compliance

An ever-adapting and evolving policy landscape causes challenges in maintaining the appropriate and necessary compliance. Our skills in policy definition, due diligence and process review can provide you with peace of mind that your business is meeting its obligations.

Physical and electronic security measures

We actions your security challenges through an extensive design skillset including CCTV, biometrics, access control, SCEC and fencing / CPTED solutions. Through our integrated Architecture business, GHD Design, we design security into the facility layout to minimise the visual impact to your infrastructure.

Cyber resilience

Our Cyber Risk Centre of Excellence (CoE) combines our consulting services, technology partners and industry specialists to offer you pragmatic capabilities and solutions. We embed Security by Design principles to provide a structured framework for identifying, prioritising, and managing required security controls.

Connected precincts and infrastructure

The consolidation of our technology focused professionals allows us to create truly integrated precincts and infrastructure meeting your bespoke requirements.

Our team have experience in developing precinct technology environments across smart buildings, transport corridors (Intelligent Transport Systems), school and education facilities, airports and airfields, renewable energy precincts and Defence installations. We understand and adapt our design to the specific criticality, resilience and applications of each of these facilities with their unique requirements.

The highly complex and interconnected digital ecosystems that make up the backbone of your communications and networks are increasingly vulnerable to attack due to additional entry points, new technology, and emerging threats from malicious actors.

When you partner with GHD, you can tap into the knowledge of our global team of professionals across many disciplines to tackle the most complex compliance and security challenges you face.

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