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Whatever career path you choose, you can do it at GHD.
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GHD offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals to grow and develop their careers.
GHD offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals to grow and develop their careers.

GHD provides four career path models to choose from

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GHD provides four career path models that employees can choose from to help guide their professional growth and development within the company. These models are designed to help employees identify potential career paths and set goals for their future.

  • Technical and Design
  • Operational Management
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Business Services

Career pathways tool

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Career Pathways is a tool we use to guide career planning, and to develop our people's portfolio of skills and experiences for future roles.

Develop your skillset

Whether you're seeking further development in your current role, or a new opportunity or direction, our Career Pathways tool gives you the framework to drive your own career within GHD.

Plan your career

Our tool allows you to take stock of your relevant achievements and capabilities to date, and set priorities around skills and experiences you’d like to gain to set yourself up for an evolving and dynamic career.

Real stories from GHD

Victor Onyeabor, Project Manager UAE

"Proud Naija Boy! - I left Nigeria and came to the UAE to gain new experiences and explore project management beyond construction.

GHD provided me with an opportunity to return to the construction industry, and my diverse background in IT and education has helped me to manage projects effectively in various sectors including buildings, infrastructure, advisory, and digital."

Victor, Onyeabor, Project Manager, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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