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We recognise that our people have a life outside of work, and may need support to balance their responsibilities at home or for other interests.
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Work-life balance and flexibility is a key focus area for us.
Work-life balance and flexibility is a key focus area for us.

One thing we know for sure is we won’t be working at the office everyday anymore.

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We’re happy to discuss hybrid, part-time and flexible working hours, patterns and locations to suit you, your team and our clients.

We empower our people and strive for the best possible employment experience, combining working at the office, at home or with our clients.

At GHD, connection is key.

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We want you to determine where you work from, consulting with your team on what makes sense depending on the nature of your work. Our goal is to make sure that whatever arrangement is reached works for all parties involved.

We appreciate that some activities require personal contact, such as creative brainstorming sessions, events, team building, on-the-job mentoring and onboarding. We also respect each other’s needs and preferences.

Real stories from GHD

Gemma Tunley, GHD Advisory Transactions and Infrastructure Strategies

"GHD's flexible work arrangements enable me to pursue my passions by allowing me to work alternative hours. My colleagues are supportive of me adjusting my work schedule when my client commitments allow. GHD's additional leave program also allows me to take more than 4 weeks off per year to explore distant locations."

Gemma Turnley, Advisory Transactions & Infrastructure Strategies, GHD, Australia

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