While technology is an important tool to help enable our work, we believe innovation starts with a mindset.
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We aspire to an economy that is more ecologically sustainable and socially just. 
We aspire to an economy that is more ecologically sustainable and socially just. 

Our commitment to building an innovating culture relies on our capacity to learn and improve. 

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We believe that innovation is a key catalyst for positively and continuously transforming both our organisation and the communities that we serve.

In relation to sustainability, we want to unlock the ideas of GHD people around the world and enable them to instinctively lead change both within our organisation and with our clients.

What does innovation mean to us?

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Innovation supports strategic growth and unlocks new value. It allows us to create value for and with our clients and partners while protecting the natural environment and strengthening communities.

This calls for business models and cultures that follow sustainability principles, such as inclusiveness and circularity, and also align with our values and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our supportive culture allows innovation to flourish and provides opportunities for our people to learn, develop and grow.

Real stories from GHD

Chris Oats, GHD Digital Transformation Engineer

"As a chartered civil engineer with 11 years of experience at GHD, I have a strong technical background and have led multiple project teams.

I am passionate about efficiency, technology, and innovation, and am currently in a role focused on implementing these values across the company through delivery transformation."

Chris Oates, Digital Transformation Engineer, GHD, UK

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