At GHD, we create a culture where employees can be their best selves.
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We believe that protecting and promoting the wellbeing of our people is crucial for achieving organisational success.
We believe that protecting and promoting the wellbeing of our people is crucial for achieving organisational success.

In 2022, we appointed our first global wellbeing leader to drive the importance of wellbeing across GHD.

Wellbeing@GHD is a demonstration of our company values and the commitments we make to our people. As a result, we developed a holistic wellbeing strategy to improve individual wellbeing and drive systemic changes in the workplace.

GHD's wellbeing strategy

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Supporting the needs of our employees, the environments in which they operate, and the relationships they have with others.

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Integrating wellbeing into the way we work, including leadership practices and the day-to-day lives of our people.

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Enhancing the employee experience and creating an environment and culture in which our people are proud to work.

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Empowering the personal and professional growth of our people and creating a culture where our people can thrive.

Prioritising a wellbeing culture allows our people to thrive through a variety of means.

  • GHD provides tools and resources to better understand and support individual wellbeing needs.
  • A network of wellbeing champions who are empowered to support wellbeing efforts at local offices.
  • Our global workplace behaviour policy creates an equal opportunity environment free of bullying, harassment, and discrimination.
  • Our purchase leave policy allows employees to purchase extra leave to assist in balancing work and lifestyle needs, such as caring for family members, undertaking study, fitness and hobby interests, or travel.
  • Our commitment to pay equity continuously monitors pay equity and expands our focus on underrepresented groups to drive pay equity for all our people.
  • Our continuous opportunities to grow professionally through our Career Pathways tool and formal learning opportunities.
  • Our global hybrid/remote work policy allows employees to improve work-life balance, enhance job satisfaction, and increase productivity and performance.
  • Global access to employee assistance programs for employees and their families to seek free, confidential mental health support services.

Real stories from GHD

Tonja Schimmelpfennig, GHD New Zealand
"GHD offers me a strong sense of belonging within their cultural and gender inclusive workplace. I feel empowered to contribute on multiple levels in a supportive, flexible and fun environment."

Tonja Schimmelpfennig, Director and Team Leader, GHD, New Zealand
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