Digital Intelligence

Deriving insights from data and translating insights into action
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Knowing how to collect, store, manage, analyse, and visualise your operational, customer and environmental data provides valuable lessons from past events, and helps you plan for the future. We help transform data into valuable insights and predictions so that you can make faster, better business decisions.
We help transform data into valuable insights and predictions so that you can make faster, better business decisions.
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Combining our industry expertise, innovative technology, and client-focused innovation, we help you to achieve lasting business value by harnessing your most critical enterprise information.
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In today’s digital world, the issue is no longer how much data someone has — it is about knowing how to turn it into actionable insights.

We work with you to understand your business needs and help build your data strategy. We collect data from various places digitally and find the best storage methods.

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Data is no longer confined to structured spreadsheets and tables. It is spread across unstructured complex formats, such as PDF or Word files, photographs, or videos. We use state of the art document mining to transform your unstructured formats into data ready for analysis. We then help detect patterns in your data so that you can identify risk, increase operational efficiencies, manage costs, and find new growth opportunities.

Data management and governance

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Increased environmental compliance and stakeholder demands have led to a need for a more transparent approach to data management and governance.

Supporting clients in their contamination, assessment, and remediation services, we provide analytical and spatial data capture in a central repository to deliver standardised outputs, regulatory deliverables, and data analytics. Our tailored solutions are designed to help you successfully collect, validate, organise, manage, and use mission critical data and information to enable smarter decision making by management, delivering more effective and streamlined projects. We work across the data lifecycle, from strategy and governance to automated reporting and emergency response.

Location intelligence

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The analysis of spatial information within the context of environmental management, planning and urban development is essential for effective strategic and real-time decision making. Utilising Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data sources such as aerial maps, latitude and longitude coordinates, demographics and more, we find the hidden patterns in your data and use analytics to transform data-based knowledge into actions.

Our team of multi-disciplinary specialists includes aquatic and terrestrial ecologists, environmental scientists, asset management specialists and engineers — helping you on every step of your spatial enablement journey.

Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence

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When decision-making relies on deeper and more complex insight, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence / machine learning based solutions are needed.

Our team of data scientists help you transition from traditional business intelligence methods to advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) approaches. We offer a wide range of services and solutions - from natural language processing to convert voice, video, pictures, and other unstructured data into structured data on user-friendly dashboards; to forecasting, predictive and prescriptive analytics and ML and AI. We help simplify and automate processes, improve business operations and profitability, and manage future outcomes.

Drones and geomatics


With teams working remotely across multiple locations, we offer innovative ways to complete site visits and bring your projects to life. We use smart geomatics and spatial intelligence, coupled with high quality asset capture and photogrammetry to create visual image analytics and digital replicas of assets and infrastructure.

To support your design, engineering, and construction needs, we use light detection and ranging (LiDAR), land surveying, and photography to deliver site maps, topographic maps, and 3D models rapidly, and in a variety of formats. We can quickly bring data into a digital environment so that your clients, contractors, and stakeholders can experience your project from anywhere.

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