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Generative AI and the next wave of disruption
Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the way we live, work and interact. Ready or not, the technology is here and now. The question remaining is ‘how can we maximise its potential?’

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the way we live, work and interact. Ready or not, the technology is here and now. The question remaining is ‘how can we maximise its potential?’

The next 3-5 years will witness a monumental shift across industries, directly attributable to advancements in AI.

Today, we are standing at the forefront of this transformative wave, having recently reached a tipping point in the evolution of AI models. This tipping point has been brought by the convergence of significant computational power, accessibility to vast datasets, and notable progress in natural language processing.

In this transformative landscape, one recent advancement stands out for its promise and potential: generative AI. A significant breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, generative AI enables machines to create new content. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that generative AI models are still in their infancy and not yet fully secure for business applications. It is important to address concerns and implement proper guardrails before fully embracing generative AI to mitigate any negative societal impacts. While these concerns exist, it is important to recognise that new technologies such as generative AI also offer substantial benefits and have the ability to empower the world.

This report is the first in a series of insights that take a deeper look at the opportunities, applications and considerations that organisations should be addressing as we journey into this new era where the landscape is changing on a weekly basis. Whilst we don’t have all the answers, we take a unique look at how it can assist organisations operating across various sectors.

The generative wave: How AI is transforming businesses of tomorrow

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Key findings

  • GHD Digital estimates that advancements in generative AI have the potential to revolutionise the global economy, potentially driving a five to six percent increase in global GDP over the next ten years.
  • GHD Digital estimates that the global market for generative AI to reach USD1.5 trillion in revenue by 2033 from USD50 billion in 2023.
  • While 9 out of 10 executives are aware of the imminent disruptions that will arise from generative AI, only 5 out of 10 express confidence in their ability to successfully navigate and embrace this transformative technology.
  • The ability of generative AI models to produce highly realistic content, such as text, images or videos, can be misused to create biased and misinformed content. According to GHD analysis, about 50% of generative AI-generated data is fabricated or inaccurate.

Over the next three to five years, advancements in AI will create a monumental shift across industries. One advancement stands out for its promise and potential. Generative AI Generative AI enables machines to create new data based on patterns and examples from existing data. Anything from text, images, music, to full entire world. - Huge impacts are expected on economic growth and productivity. That’s only the start What implications will it have on the way we live ? on our Environment? Water related challenges? Energy? Transportation? and on our future selves Join us on this Journey to reimagine the future Let us explore the future together Download our report Beyond AI and reach out
Generative AI is like building a bridge between human intelligence and artificial insight. It is not merely about ensuring that the algorithms are reliable; it's about fostering a deep understanding of how AI tools generate their outputs, how they learn from their mistakes and how they evolve. The transparency in the process helps create a partnership where human creativity and AI capabilities thrive together for a better future.”
Kumar Parakala, President at GHD Digital
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