Road Systems

Considering all aspects of the road corridor life cycle is essential to achieve an integrated, sustainable road network that can be expanded, maintained, rehabilitated and re-developed to meet current and future needs.
urban city road and highway system
GHD connects the knowledge, skill and experience of our people with innovative practices, technical capabilities and robust systems, to work with our clients to develop and deliver road transport solutions, across the entire project life cycle.
GHD connects the knowledge, skill and experience of our people with innovative practices, technical capabilities and robust systems, to work with our clients to develop and deliver road transport solutions, across the entire project life cycle.

Our teams provide services in planning, design, construction management and maintenance of all elements of the road corridor including highways, complex interchanges, toll roads, bridges and tunnels.

We understand our clients' challenges and apply imaginative thinking to deliver the optimum outcome to achieve lasting community benefit.

Pavement Engineering 


The single most valuable asset to a road owner is the pavement system within the network. GHD understands that pavements are subjected to static and dynamic loads as well as exposure to the elements. Sound engineering judgment, made by experienced and talented professionals, can provide cost-effective and appropriate solutions to pavement engineering challenges.

Pavement engineering is part of GHD's core business of providing transportation infrastructure. Our connected global network of pavement engineering professionals undertakes investigation, analysis design and documentation services for the construction, rehabilitation and strengthening of pavements. Our services cover pavements for airfields, local roads, major freeways, highways, mine access, heavy industrial and haul roads, including the sourcing, selection and specification of materials. Our teams provide specialist whole-of-life analysis options to optimise the life of the pavement and minimise the overall cost of the maintenance during the operational life of the asset.

GHD understands the imperatives of our road clients and we are focused on delivering a fully comprehensive service in a timely manner while meeting safety, quality, performance and financial requirements.

One of GHD's key strengths is our innovative approach to sustainable pavement design. This has been achieved by our close connections with research centres across the globe. Our teams regularly attend and contribute to international study tours and conferences to stay abreast of latest technologies.

Road Systems


For more than 70 years, GHD has planned, investigated, designed and delivered innovative road systems in urban and rural environments in many parts of the world. 

Road systems design involves a collaborative vision and approach by a team of competent planners, engineers and scientists. From planning and procurement through to feasibility, investigation, design, construction support, delivery and maintenance. Our clients enjoy personalised solutions for roads that incorporate master planning, funding and economic analysis, transport planning, asset management, environmental management, risk management and more.

Our work has included rehabilitation, expansion, development rehabilitation and construction of new highways, complex interchanges, roundabouts, toll roads, bridges and tunnels. Our planners and engineers provide integrated services to plan, design, construct, revamp, maintain and manage all aspects of the road corridor life cycle.

GHD's Road Systems teams are able to respond to projects that range from an urban or rural intersection design to multi-billion dollar complex highways and freeways both at, above and below ground level. Our depth of experience and diverse skills base ensures that we provide the right team to deliver the best project for our clients.

We are innovative and flexible in our approach to managing and delivering our projects. We are able to work independently or in collaboration with other design teams, alongside clients and contractor teams either in our offices or dedicated project offices to suite the project needs.

Our services include:

  • Planning - Master planning, transportation, traffic and strategic route planning, bicycle and pedestrian planning studies, roundabout planning studies, road safety audits, parking and corridor studies, and procurement strategies
  • Feasibility - Economics, concept design, roundabout feasibility studies, financing, environmental appraisals, funding options and grant preparation/grant assistance
  • Investigation - Geotechnical, risk and option analysis, surveys, estimates, geological assessments, foundations, contract documentation and tender evaluation
  • Design and engineering - Geometric design, roundabout design, structural advice and design, bridges, tunnels, tollways, signals, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and pavements
  • Construction - Project, risk and tender management, procurement, design and construct (D & C) owner's agent and alliances, engineering construction support
  • Maintenance - Network, asset and life cycle management, systems/process pavement management and deteriorating modelling

Our clients appoint GHD for their technically challenging projects as our people are well skilled and abreast of latest developments in their areas of expertise.

The engineering design and digital world is rapidly changing and with the advent of new design tools, big data, including Building Information Management (BIM) and we continue to stay abreast with the latest innovative design tools and software to secure our future and provide value for money efficient design.